ZuluTrading API Changelog


  • Deployed in stable environment all calls available in beta
  • Streaming rates available for the ZuluTrading Rest API


Note: available only in beta environment
  • Return properties floatingPnl, trailingStopValue, trailingStopConditionPipsValue when calling getOpen
  • New errors added
    • 13. Invalid Trailing Stop Value
    • 14. Invalid Trailing Stop Conditions Value
    • 15. Account is not a provider account
    • 16. Requests for history trades/orders exceeded maximum allowed threshold
    • 17. Date input is not correct
    • 18. Date range between startDate and endDate exceeded maximum allowed threshold
  • New call to update trailing stop (REST URL:/update/stop/trailing)
  • New call to update trailing stop condition pips (REST URL:/update/stop/trailingCondition)
  • New call to request for closed trades/orders (REST URL:/getHistory)
  • New call to reques for provider's performance statistics (REST URL:/getProviderStatistics)
  • New call to request for the account's trading configuration (REST URL:/getTradingConfiguration)